Health issues can be a constant drag on the bottom line of any enterprise. Seeking care at a clinic can be  a  time-intensive, inconvenient experience - one that can eat up half a day or more of an employee’s time. Worse, as a result, people tend to delay seeking care until absolutely necessary. That’s how small, often easily treatable health issues can balloon into something serious enough to debilitate a valued member of the team. 

Health Is An Investment In Your Team: 

That’s why when a great employee faces a serious health challenge, many bosses will give them that advance in salary or even reach into their own pockets to help. Antara offers SME’s a better way to invest in their team’s well-being and productivity. Antara delivers outstanding value for an SME’s investment in three unique ways: 

  • Reduced Absenteeism: Antara’s proactive Health Navigation both screens employees before they get sick and delivers preventive and promotive care designed to improve their overall health. Plus, Antara’s Virtual Care Suite delivers easily accessed health services. This can save your team trips to the clinic by offering convenience and discretion unavailable anywhere else. 
  • A More Productive Team: Another consequence of delaying seeking care is that staff come to work at less than their best. Showing up while sick or in discomfort degrades performance (and can also risk contagion). For cyclical businesses, such as in the hospitality sector, losing a third of your team during peak season can really hurt. With Antara, your team will get the care they need to be at their best as well as the proper guidance to know when it’s best to stay home and recover. 
  • Reduced Turnover: Antara members love their healthcare and they will love the boss that gives it to them that much more. Antara’s service delivers patient-centered care and convenience like no one else on the market. Our members know they have Antara on their side to both take care of their health and protect them from health-related financial catastrophe. 
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