How Does Antara’s Health Navigation Work?

Health Navigation is a service that assigns a dedicated Health Navigator to each and every person we cover. A Health Navigator is a trained health professional, a qualified nurse or clinical officer, who will be responsible for the care and well-being of Antara Members. It’s like having a nurse in the family! 

Here is a brief summary of what your Health Navigator can do:

  • Onboarding: Your HN will make onboarding seamless and hassle-free, including setting up your NHIF coverage if you’re not already subscribed.
  • Point of First Contact: Your HN will be available to answer all your health questions.
  • Care Plan: Your HN will work with your doctors to craft and execute an effective plan with long-term goals designed to treat your overall health needs and not just individual symptoms. 
  • Care Coordination: Your HN will set up appointments, provide health advice, follow up on care received, and much more.
  • NHIF coordination: Your HN will make sure you get the most out of your NHIF coverage 
  • Wellness Care: Your HN will coordinate physiotherapy, nutrition and fitness support, and other health services as needed
  • Emergency Care: If something urgent comes up, your HN will organize emergency services or direct you  to the nearest care facility, which she will make sure is prepped and ready for you. 
  • Patient Education: A better informed patient is a healthier patient. Your HN’s responsibilities include making sure you fully understand your health conditions, needs, and treatment.  
  • Preventative Care: Healthcare should come to you, even before you get ill. That’s why your HN will provide you with the latest wellness advice, information on local health resources, and regular check-ins to monitor progress and well-being. 

Why Do I Need Health Navigation?

Because great care needs to go beyond the clinic. Only Health Navigation brings care home with you to deliver the support and care needed to effectively treat, for example, chronic conditions like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Asthma (all of which are covered with Antara, by the way). 

Also, just because you’ve paid for ordinary health insurance, doesn’t mean you’re properly protected. By bringing care to you with proactive preventative and wellness resources as well as advanced screening, Antara will catch small problems before they become big. We’ll also save you time and hassle at the clinic, by making care easy to reach via a phone call, SMS, or through our app. 

And our results back us up. Antara members have dramatically better health outcomes, are much better protected from the financial costs of health problems, and, put simply, love our service!

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