Great healthcare isn't passive. It shouldn’t just wait for a health issue to arise. Great healthcare engages with you from Day 1 to make you healthier every day and do everything possible to take care of simple health issues before they become serious.

How many stories do we hear about someone who ignored something little - a bit of unusual pain, a small symptom - only to find themselves dealing with a serious health issue like kidney stones or a heart issue down the line? 

Antara offers a better way.

Every Antara member gets assigned a Health Navigator who will be responsible for their overall well-being. That starts with a baseline assessment that screens for a number of common health issues. If something pops up, your Health Navigator will get to work delivering the care you need, including setting up an appointment for you with doctors or specialists as needed. 

Most importantly, because all Antara members enjoy great outpatient coverage, all your consultations, tests and lab work will be included in the cost of your plan and come with NO copays, hassles, or hidden fees. 

And if a health question comes up after your baseline, no problem. Just give your Health Navigator a call and she’ll be there to help! 

Plus, thanks to your baseline assessment, your Health Navigator will also get a snapshot of your overall health. That will allow her to send you useful, targeted health information like local wellness resources and nutrition and fitness advice, all designed to keep you at your best. 

Because at Antara, our whole focus is on helping our members be as healthy as possible so that they can live better, more productive, and happier lives.

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