Question: What’s the first thing most people do in the morning when they wake up not feeling well? 

Answer: Math

Here’s why:

Clinics and hospitals provide health services that are essential to any decent healthcare plan. 

But a trip to the clinic involves time stuck in traffic, waiting in line, bureaucracy and paperwork, all of which can add up to hours before you even get to see a doctor. And then that doctor - who has probably never seen you before - will most likely send you for some tests or to see a specialist, which means even more waiting. 

In the meantime, you’re missing out on work or precious free time to be with family. 

So when you wake up in the morning with a fever or an upset stomach, the first thing you’re likely to do is make the following calculation:

Losing half a day or more seeking care at the clinic 


"Toughing it out" on the job or at home

And for those without coverage, let’s add another variable to that equation: The cost of seeking care.

That’s why it’s no wonder that so many people - even those with coverage - end up delaying seeking care. Every day millions of people suffer through the day and hope their symptoms will just go away (and aren’t, in fact, a sign of something serious). And that’s just not a recipe for better health.  

With Antara Health, there’s a better way.

Antara’s Health Navigation and Virtual Care Solution:

Not only do you pay one low price for a plan that offers all the coverage you need, but our Health Navigation service brings care to you, no matter where you are. 

Every Antara member gets assigned a Health Navigator - a trained health professional reachable by phone, SMS, Whatsapp or through the Antara app. 

So when you wake up not feeling well, instead of doing fast math, as an Antara Member, you can easily reach your Health Navigator, who can then:

  • Talk through your symptoms over the phone
  • Connect you to one of our doctors for a virtual consultation via text, voice or video
  • Arrange for Emergency Care, if needed
  • Monitor your progress throughout the day

If you're referred to Antara's Virtual Care doctors, they can then: 

  • Decide whether your health issue can be resolved immediately or whether you do, indeed, need to seek further care at a facility
  • Prescribe medication, imaging, lab tests, or refer you to a facility or specialist
  • Receive uploaded photos or videos of symptoms

Most importantly, your Health Navigator has extensive experience and training and also will know you personally and your patient history. So if you need an in-person visit, she can prep the health provider for your arrival and even arrange emergency transport if needed. 

And that’s why with Antara, you’ll never have to worry that putting off care means risking ignoring something serious. 

List of Antara Virtual Care Services:

Here's a quick summary of how Antara uses digital technology to provide you convenient access to care, health information, and details about your membership.

  1. Access Your Health Navigator: Reach your dedicated health professional from anywhere by phone, SMS, Whatsapp, or via the Antara App
  2. Get Answers: Resolve simple health questions quickly and conveniently, for example:
    - “Is it safe to take my allergy medication with my prescription medication”
    - “Where’s the nearest clinic?"
  3. Virtual Consultations: speak with a Doctor or Specialist about any health issue
  4. Request Emergency Health Services: Your Health Navigator can arrange for ambulances with qualified emergency medical staff to come to you if needed
  5. Access Health Resources including:
    Patient education materials
    - Facilities list
    - And much more!
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