Antara’s great coverage keeps you protected with access to a first rate network of clinics and hospitals. 

But visiting even the best of clinics and hospitals will still mean having to navigate a health system that can be complicated and time consuming, especially for someone trying to figure it all out on their own. 

Antara offers a better way. We not only understand how health facilities operate, our system is specifically designed to improve the experience for our Members. 

With Antara, access is just the beginning. Our Health Navigation service makes the clinical experience more convenient and effective with cutting edge technology and uniquely personalized service. 

Here’s how: 

We help you know when to go: The best way to save time at the clinic is not to have go at all! 

  • Antara’s Health Navigation service can resolve many health issues without a trip to the clinic. Save time and get great care wherever you need it by accessing an Antara clinician by phone, SMS, Whatsapp, or through our App. 
  • Antara Health Navigators have extensive experience and training and will be familiar with your patient history. That’s why they’re ideally suited to determining whether your symptoms warrant a visit to the clinic or even urgent care.

Care Coordination: When it’s time to visit the clinic, Antara delivers a better experience!

  • Appointment Scheduling: Your Health Navigator can set up a consultation with the right medical personnel. 
  • Patient History: Your Patient History will be safely and securely stored with Antara, and kept up to date. More importantly, your history can be easily shared with appropriate medical providers to ensure continuity of care, reduce errors, and save time - all of which adds up to better health outcomes!
  • Urgent Care: Should an urgent situation come up, your Health Navigator will be able to arrange emergency transport and call ahead to the appropriate health facility to ensure that you receive the right care. 
  • Clinical Support: Antara Health Navigators will remain in close contact with medical providers to offer additional insight, background, and relevant information before and after your appointments.  
  • Clinical Team Management: Great care often means having a whole team of medical professionals work together - doctors, specialists, physical therapists, nutritionists, etc...  Your Health Navigator will make sure you see only qualified personnel and then make sure that everyone involved works together effectively to deliver proper care. 

The Antara Patient Experience: Enjoy the empowerment and security of having your own dedicated Health Professional on your side!

  • Follow-up: Your Health Navigator will contact you after every single clinical interaction to make sure the experience went well.
  • Patient Education: Your Health Navigator will be there to answer any questions you might have about the care you received, your diagnosis, and your treatment plan. And we don't just wait for you to call - we'll reach out to you with the health information you'll need to better understand and take ownership of your care.  
  • Recourse: Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Let’s be honest: no one can promise a perfect experience every time. But when something doesn’t go right, you won’t be on your own! Your Health Navigator is always a phone call away and will be there to help make things right. 
  • Less Paperwork: Antara members won’t need to fill out the same time-consuming paperwork at every visit. All members will be issued a Care Card, that once presented, immediately calls up much of the relevant information needed.
  • Cashless: With Antara, you’re covered at the clinic. There are no additional fees or copays. Coverage with us means all you need is your Care Card - you can even leave your wallet at home! 
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