Emergency care - having rapid access to emergency medical transport (like an ambulance) staffed with qualified medical personnel - is not a straightforward benefit in Kenya. 

But it is one of the most important safeguards to your health. Because if you’re experiencing a medical crisis at work, at home, or anywhere else then every second counts. 

All too often, typical coverage plans do not even include emergency care. Worse, stories abound of people who thought they were protected by their plan, but then in the middle of a health crisis received a most unpleasant surprise. 

Imagine being told that an ambulance will not come until you’ve sent additional payment just at a moment when time is of the essence!

The Antara Difference:

In case of emergency, Antara members can contact us by phone, SMS, whatsapp, or through the Antara App. 

Antara will then organize emergency transport without any delays or questions about payment. That means an ambulance staffed with trained First Responders will quickly arrive to administer on-the-scene care and safely get you to the nearest appropriate healthcare facility.  

Most importantly, the Antara team will simultaneously call that facility and prep them for your arrival. This means giving them a status report on your condition as well informing them of relevant patient history and health information (such as allergies to certain medications).  

Finally, the Antara team will continue to monitor your progress until your health crisis is fully resolved. 

All emergency services are included in every Antara plan at NO EXTRA CHARGE whatsoever. 

That’s why with Antara you can rest easy knowing that should a health crisis arise, you’ll be in safe hands and well-protected not only medically, but also from the potential financial burden of health-related costs. 

Did You Know?

That NHIF also includes coverage for emergency transport? This benefit is not widely publicized or always easily accessed.

But in addition to delivering amazing care at unbeatable value, Antara also specializes in maximizing NHIF benefits for our members. 

For a deeper dive on how Antara and NHIF are a perfect match, click here.

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