“My name is Becky. As an Antara Health Navigator, I am passionate about improving the quality of life of my Members and helping them achieve better health outcomes.  My job is to be there for every step of my their health journeys.”

How I Deliver Better Care:

  • Onboarding: I will be there to onboard new Members, perform a baseline evaluation and get the care journey started.
  • Point of First Contact: I’m available to answer all my Members’ health questions.
  • Care Plan: I work with Members to craft and execute an effective care plan with long-term goals designed to treat your overall health needs and not just individual symptoms. 
  • Care Coordination: I set up appointments, provide health advice, follow up on care received, and much more.
  • Wellness: I coordinate physiotherapy, nutrition and fitness support, and other health services as needed.
  • Emergency Care: If something urgent comes up, I’ll organize emergency services or direct Members to the nearest care facility, which I will then make sure is prepped and ready for you. 
  • Patient Education: A better informed patient is a healthier patient. A big part of my responsibilities include making sure my Members fully understand their health conditions, needs, and treatment.  
  • Preventative Care: At Antara, we believe that healthcare should come to you, even before you get ill. That’s why I’m always working to help my Members be healthier with the latest wellness advice, information on local health resources, and regular check-ins to monitor progress and well-being. 


Registered Nurse, Licensed by the Nursing Council of Kenya.
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing sciences from University of Nairobi.
Rebecca is completing a Masters Degree in Health Systems Management and Leadership from the University of Nairobi


Clinical experience: 4 years in both Public and Private Health Facilities in Kenya. 

Public health experience: 2 Years in HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Family Planning. 

Insurance Experience: 1 year as a Care Manager and Claims Analyst.

Antara Experience: 2 years as a Health Navigator

Languages Spoken: English, Swahili, Dholuo and Ekegusii

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