We get asked - a lot - the following question: "How many facilities does Antara provide access to?" 

One answer is that we've partnered with the Avenue Network to provide access to all their facilities in Nairobi and throughout Kenya

But we think that's not what people are really asking us. Because behind that "how many facilities" question lies an assumption:

More facilities = better healthcare

But what if that's not the case? 

At Antara, we believe that clinics do provide essential medical services. BUT they simply cannot provide several critical kinds of care that are necessary to better health.

Enter our Health Navigation service, which is specifically designed to fill in the gaps of care a clinic cannot provide in order to deliver more effective healthcare. 

Most importantly, Health Navigation brings care to you. No sitting in traffic. No waiting on line. Antara can bring care to you wherever you are. Which will mean fewer trips to the clinic AND better health.

And when you need the clinic, you not only get access to first rate facilities, but we'll be there to make it a more convenient and effective experience. 

More on how Antara's Health Navigation will change how you see Healthcare:

  1. Access to a doctor in under 15 minutes from Anywhere
    Most people want the broadest network of facilities because they like the idea of care that's as close as possible. Antara's Health Navigation service does one better: we bring care right to you!
    - You can access your Health Navigator by phone, SMS, or through our App from wherever you are
    - Your Health Navigator can get you a virtual consultation with a doctor in under 15 minutes. That doctor can receive photos and videos of your symptoms, prescribe medication, or set up an appointment at a health facility for further testing and treatment as needed.
  2. Care that's there for you when a clinic isn't
    - Before you get sick: Preventative care and screening
    - When you're not feeling well: Virtual Care
    - At the clinic and hospital: For a better experience
    - When you come home: To walk with you for your entire health journey

All together, Antara delivers a more convenient, more effective healthcare suite that will save you time (Less sitting in traffic and waiting on line!!!) and money while ALSO delivering you better health. 

The Nitty Gritty on Access:

  1. Our coverage is for all of Kenya. Avenue clinics, and key affiliated hospitals have geographic coverage throughout all of Kenya, with hospitals and clinics in all major cities. If your members reside in (or moves to) a location outside of our covered areas, we will identify a clinic that meets our quality requirements and create an affiliate agreement with them that will allow your members to access services in the same way they would access those services through an Avenue clinic.
  2. Our coverage does not extend to clinical service providers outside of Avenue and affiliates, for now. We recognize this limitation can create perceived (and occasionally) real challenges for our members. 
  3. What our members get with Antara is much more than the clinical service provider, including a dedicated health navigator, personalized health management plan, and access to virtual care - a medical professional in under 15 min, without going to the clinic. As well, Antara takes care of your corporate insurance needs in terms of WIBA/GPA. We believe the trade off for better healthcare quality for you members, and tech-forward (easy) administration of insurance benefits for employers -- are compelling values that offset the narrower clinical provider options offered by other traditional health plans. 
  4. Also, emergency admission for the first 48 hours to any NHIF approved hospital outside Nairobi is covered. So if you need a facility near you in the event of an emergency, with Antara you have coverage throughout the country.

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