Antara guidelines for how to monitor your weight:

  • Make sure your weighing scale is on a flat surface.
  • Remove any heavy clothing and ensure your pockets are emptied.
  • Step on the weighing scale without shoes.
  • Relax, stand straight with hands on the side & look forward (don't look down at the scale until the reading is done).
  • Choose a specific time of the day to weigh yourself and stick to it. We advise doing so in the morning, before breakfast, since our bodies accumulate fluids (and our weight goes up and down a bit) as we go about our day.

One single measurement at the end of a month will be enough to track your progress. 

  • If you wish to track yourself more frequently, please do NOT weigh yourself more than once a week. This is because weighing yourself more often doesn’t offer any benefits and might even make you feel less motivated.  

In one month’s time, your Health Navigator will check in to discuss your progress and make adjustments as needed to your Diet and Activity Plans. 

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